Your hosts

Your hosts - the Domenig family

Let us, Martin, Marion and Stefan Domenig, together with our team, make the best time of the year even more wonderful for you. We enjoy living and working in Carinthia. Here are our favorite activities:


"I like strolling through one of the many local markets - regional products from Carinthia just taste better - especially my homemade jams!"


"The proximity to our southern neighbors is very important for me - there is nothing better for me than to go on a day trip with Marion, David and Anna to explore the wonderful, small villages in Italy and Slovenia!"


"I love to discover the most scenic and beautiful spots of our region with my children Phillip and Theresa, and my wife Michaela! Afterwards, there is nothing better than to go for a swim in our crystal-clear lake!"

What is important for us

Through decent and attentive service, we aim to give you the freedoms to fill your holidays with special experiences that you will hopefully remember for a long time. With personalized engagement we and our team try to adjust our service to your wishes. We also provide all the information needed to explore the beauty of Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia!

We are deeply rooted in our region and enthusiastic travelers ourselves – which is the reason why we are looking for new and innovative ideas all year round to make your holiday with us a special experience!

Together with you, we enjoy being able to live and work at one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Our guests appreciate our friendly, attentive staff. To ensure that this is guaranteed, we motivate them by professional trainings and active involvement in our company!

We hope that you will feel serenity during your stay with us. Away from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is enough space and time for the many, small moments of pleasure which make life truly worth living.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Martin, Marion and Stefan Domenig